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Cash In on Corporate Deductions for Charitable Donations
Charitable giving isn’t just for individuals. Businesses can donate, too — and reap significant tax savings. Limits on corporate tax deductions for donations were liberalized during the pandemic. But, under current tax law, they’ve generally returned to pre-pandemic levels for 2022 and beyond. Here’s what business owners should know, including information about implementing an employee donation matching program.


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Strive to Protect Nursing Home Employees from Patients
Violence is rampant at residential care facilities. Employees are assaulted regularly by residents, particularly those who suffer from some form of dementia. Here are the major elements a residential facility’s violence prevention policy should contain as well as a list of the most important records to keep.


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Tap Into the Power of Customer Testimonials
Positive comments from satisfied buyers can add immeasurably to your company’s bottom line. Customers’ comments can provide great feedback on how you’re doing,  even if they are negative. In addition, they can provide free, viral advertising. Here’s a guide to collecting and successfully using customer testimonials to boost your credibility and sales — without spending a cent.


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401(k) Plan Issues with New and Former Employees

The questions we’ll answer in this article are:

1. What should we do if our 401(k) plan must make a distribution to someone we can’t locate?
2. How do we self-correct a failure to enroll a new employee in our automatic 401(k) contributions?


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