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Work or Pleasure: The Tax Rules for Hybrid Travel
Many business owners like to add on a few extra days of leisure to their business trips, whether it’s to relax by the beach or visit family members who live in a different city. With proper planning and documentation, you may be able to deduct some costs — such as transportation, lodging and meals — as legitimate business expenses. Here’s a refresher on the tax rules for business vs. personal travel.
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Landlords May Be Legally Liable for Tenant Injuries
Accidents happen, and if you own the property where your tenant or a visitor gets hurt, you could be held legally responsible. This article defines “negligence” when it comes to rental property, discusses steps a landlord can take to prevent accidents, and provides information about the insurance that protects property owners when inevitable accidents do happen.
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Some DOs and DON’Ts of Preventing Age Discrimination Claims
“Age is but a number,” goes a popular expression. It can also be an issue and major risk factor in the workplace. Although many Baby Boomers have retired, plenty still remain employed. This means your business could be exposed to an age discrimination claim if one of these workers (or anyone 40 or older) believes discrimination took place. This article discusses what to do and what not to do.
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Creative Refinancing Can Trim Interest Costs
With the specter of inflation haunting the nation of late, interest rates are on everyone’s mind. Business owners with commercial mortgages might want to investigate whether they should refinance now, before rates go up again. This article explores the concept of creative refinancing of commercial mortgages, as well as the importance of looking into all of a company’s credit costs.
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