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Installment Sales Can Be a Win-Win for Buyers and Sellers
Installment sales can be beneficial for buyers without enough cash on hand to pay the full purchase price. But they can also be beneficial for sellers because taxable gains can be spread over several years. Here’s an overview of the complicated installment sale tax rules for sales of businesses and other eligible assets, including some potential pitfalls for sellers to avoid.


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Landlords May Be Legally Liable for Tenant Injuries
Accidents happen, and if you own the property where your tenant or a visitor gets hurt, you could be held legally responsible. This article defines “negligence” when it comes to rental property, discusses steps a landlord can take to prevent accidents, and provides information about the insurance that protects property owners when inevitable accidents do happen.


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How Does Auto Insurance Work for Employees Who Drive Their Own Cars?
It’s not unusual for businesses to allow or even ask employees to hop in their personal vehicles to perform job-related duties and errands. But what happens if a worker gets into an accident? Will your company be fully liable? Not necessarily, but it’s still important to be prepared. This article explains some of the finer points of auto insurance for employee-owned vehicles.


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Take a Last Resort Stand on Layoffs
When times get tough, tough companies try to keep their staffs intact. It might seem at first glance that laying off employees is a good way to cut costs. But before you eliminate any positions, take a look at these eight strategies for trimming costs and boosting skills instead of saying farewell to workers.


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