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Top 3 Federal Tax Law Changes that Could Affect Your Business Return
One reason the federal tax code is so complex is that the rules are constantly changing. Tax Day for corporate and individual taxpayers is April 18 this year. But the 2022 filing deadline for S corporations and partnerships is March 15. If your business hasn’t yet filed or extended its return, you should take the time to review the changes that went into effect for the 2022 tax year.


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Carefully Negotiate the Terms of a Work Letter
The outline of work to be done by either a tenant or a landlord on rented property is a significant and intricate part of a commercial lease. Here are some considerations on how to get the best deal when negotiating.


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Are All of Your Business Insurance Bases Covered?
Managing risk is a business reality. If any company could operate in a completely risk-free environment, it would probably be wildly successful. But, in the real word, every company needs various forms of insurance to guard against physical damage and legal claims. This article reviews the major categories of coverage that every business owner should consider.


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Find Your Company’s USP
Stand out from the competition by capitalizing on your company’s strengths. If you learn to identify and emphasize the unique selling proposition of your business, you can draw more customers and improve employee morale. Here are some questions to ask to help uncover your company’s USP. We’ll also provide an example of how an office equipment retailer discovered its USP and got a leg up on its competitors.


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