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Is Cryptocurrency Right for Your Business?
While Bitcoin is no longer a shiny new object, cryptocurrencies continue to draw the attention of individuals and business owners seeking ways to harness the popularity of this alternative to traditional financial assets. But business owners are being urged to tread carefully with crypto. Here’s why — and how.
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Tax-Favored Retirement Plans For Partnerships
The type of retirement plans set up and maintained by a medical practice partnership has major implications for the future security of partners and employees. So you want to choose the best option. However, qualified partnership plans have special tax considerations. Here are the details.
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Keep a Tight Rein on Branch Operations
Setting up branch operations can help expand your revenue, boost profits and get your company’s brand farther afield. But satellite operations can be disastrous if everyone isn’t on the same page working together. Branches can differ in terms of morale and customer service. This can result in uncoordinated decision-making. Here’s a checklist of steps you can take to keep branches on track.
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Self-Insured Health Plans: Stop-Loss Insurance and Documents

The questions we’ll answer in this article are:

1. Is stop-loss insurance required for a self-insured health plan?

2. How do we prepare a plan document for a self-insured health plan?

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