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Navigating the Risks of Check Fraud
Many businesses still issue and accept paper checks that are sent through the mail, despite the prevalence of electronic payment methods. While paper checks may be convenient and familiar for some people, they can be stolen or altered by criminals. Here are six proactive measures you and your business can take to fortify your defenses against this threat.


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Handling Practice Startup Expenses For Tax Purposes
A new medical practice may incur a variety of pre-opening costs. Under the Internal Revenue Code, different rules apply to different types of costs, and special tax return elections may be necessary to get the best treatment for your practice’s expenditures. This article explains the details.


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Take Steps to Help Ensure Your Company Is Delivering on its Promises
One of the fastest ways to turn away customers is to not deliver what your sales staff promises. This article contains a a questionnaire to help assess the effectiveness of your company’s sales process and ability to follow through. Ask all your employees other than your sales staff to complete it. Analyze the results, and you may be well on your way to a stronger bottom line.


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What Is Surprise Billing and How Does It Affect Health Plans?

The questions we answer in this article are:

1. What is surprise balance billing and what does our group health plan have to disclose about it?
2. What is surprise billing independent dispute resolution?


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